Questions and Answers

Q. What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a simple way to pre-pay funeral costs in advance, at today’s prices. You choose your plan, specify any wishes and take care of the costs, giving you and your family peace of mind that your arrangements are taken care of – one less thing to worry about.

Q. Why should I take out a funeral plan?

Funeral costs keep on rising – in fact the average cost of funeral has increase 71{92521765e7ebbbe513253125f527f733ef9af2f7c102e414f513d29b1dd5758d} in eight years (Mintel 2012). A funeral that costs £3,000 today may well cost as much as £5,100 in 2020, if this trend continues. Taking out a funeral plan offers protection against these rising costs. Plus, it allows you to specify what you want from your funeral, making things easier for your loved ones at a time of distress.

Q. Who is Golden Charter?

Golden Charter is the UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider. For more than 20 years, more than 400,000 people have trusted us with their funeral plans. We work on behalf of over 3,000 independent funeral directors across the country – the largest network. Because we are owned by our funeral director members, we have no external shareholders and any profits made are reinvested directly into the Golden Charter Trust, for the benefit of the funeral directors and our plan holders.

Q. I have savings and life insurance – why should I take out a funeral plan?

While relying on savings or taking out life insurance may seem like a good idea, your savings or any payout on an insurance policy may not be enough to cover your funeral. Funeral costs continue to increase at a higher rate that inflation, and more than the value of any interest you might get on savings. However, if you take out a funeral plan, you can freeze funeral costs at today’s prices, no matter how much they may rise in the future. Plus, your funeral director will have a note of your wishes, which can be a great source of comfort for family members, knowing that they are carrying out the funeral you want, when the time comes.

Q. Can I buy a funeral plan for someone else?

Yes – and if you don’t want us to contact the person the plan is for, you can be the ‘representative’ on the plan – there is a section to let us know this in the plan application. Complete confidentiality is assured.

Q. What if I change my mind?

You have 30 days from the start date of your plan to send us a written notice of cancellation and receive a full refund. If you wish to cancel after 30 days, and you have paid by single payment or monthly instalments, your money will be refunded, but a cancellation charge of £199 will apply. If paying by fixed monthly payments however, your plan will be cancelled and you will receive nothing back. Please read our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Q. What happens after I’ve applied for my funeral plan?

We will process your plan, and may call you to confirm the details of your plan and your payment choice. When your plan is activated, we’ll send you a Certificate of Entitlement within 14 days along with a membership card. We’ll also send a copy of the Certificate for you to give to your next of kin so that they are aware you hold a plan and know what do to when the time comes.

Q. Is Golden Charter regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the Financial Services Authority)?

No, under current regulation, there is no requirement for this. Golden Charter is a registered provider with the Funeral Planning Authority, however, which exists to protect plan holders’ interests and ensure that their money is safeguarded.

Q. What if I move to a different area?

You should let us know that you are moving, and then we can give you the option to move your plan to a different funeral director. Please note there may be extra costs involved if moving area, but we will let you know this.